For the last 54 years Elma Electronic has been an industry leader in the design and manufacture of high-end Rotary Switches for the Audio market. Over the last 18 months our design team has been hard at work bringing a range of new products to life in order to not only keep up with advances in technology but to be innovators of new technology for the audio & broadcast markets!

New products include:

  • 47 position rotary switches
  • Remote Controlled rotary switches
  • Relay Controlled switching
  • Hall Sensing rotary switches
  • Right-angled rotary switches
  • Vintage Knob collection

All now been fully released and are available for purchase.

As always, Elma is willing to support our customers with customisation where required, so even if the standard product does not quite meet your application needs, please contact us to discuss your requirement and we will be happy to support you where possible.

There are more products nearing completion of the development cycle so keep an eye out for more news on these interesting products to come...

Stepper motor driver kit, the Remote Audio Plus